The course is intended for absolute beginners. No previous knowledge is required. Advanced players may simply start somewhere in the middle.

Every exercise should be practiced until it can be played straightaway two times faultlessly. When you can play the entire lesson safely you may move on to the next. Depending on the effort you put in it this will take between one and four weeks.

All of the lessons are available as pdf-files here. Click on the note symbol in the respective table row. Normally your browser should open it automatically. Otherwise you will have to install the “Acrobat Reader”. If the staff lines are not displayed correctly try zooming in a little (by pressing CTRL+0).

For each exercise there is a sound file you can listen to in order to verify if you play correctly. You may open the sound files by pressing the speaker symbol in the respective table row. In case you can't hear the bass that's probably because of your speakers. Simple laptop-speakers are not sufficient. Use ear-phones or connect your computer to your stereo (that's quite simple, you only need a suitable wire). You can also save these files on a MP3 player for exercising (right button click and "Save target as").

Some lessons have a theory part (see column “Theory”). Sometimes they are referred to in later lessons. Thus you may repeat the theory part if necessary.

The color shading of the lessons tells you something about the respective subject matter. It helps you when you want to specifically practice or refresh some aspects of bass playing.

  Rhythm   Chords, Intervals, Scales, Arpeggios   Jazz Accompaniment, Walking Bass   Playing techniques and Phrasing


# Title Theory Sheet Audios
L1 Quarter Notes – Root notes / Plucking (Right Hand) / Fretting (Left Hand)   Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L2 Quarter Notes - Simple Blues Reading Tabs Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L3 Quarter Notes- Root/Fifth Accidentals/Key Signature Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L4 Quarter Notes – Major Arpeggio Major Third Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L5 Eighth Notes - Root Notes   Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L6 Quarter Notes – Major Arpeggio (2)   Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L7 Eighth Notes and Rests Eighth Notes Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L8 Eighth Notes - Octave Octave Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L9 Eighth Notes - Root/Fifth Fifth Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L10 Eighth Notes – Rhythm Exercises   Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L11 Eighth Notes - Root/Fifth (2)   Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L12 Eighth Notes - Steady Eighth Notes Slur Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L13 Eighth Notes – Major Arpeggio Inversions Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L14 Eighth Notes – Rhythm Exercises (2)   Notensymbol Lautsprecher
L15 Eighth Notes – Major Arpeggio (2)   Notensymbol Lautsprecher